Decounter for OCS / HO.RE.CA – Bi

Decounter System for Ocs and Horeca machines, now is Bi…

Our decounter system for OCS and Horeca machines comes from a long experience in the design of control systems for OCS machines, this deduction is based on the experience and ease of use of the famous Apollo decounter, the first in its category to use the RFID technology.

All most innovative solutions, both for logistics and for cashless, we take for example the subscription or payment systems with prepaid cards for public transport or for customer loyalty are RFID technology based. Not the latest credit cards, which all now have RFID technology. This technology, as luckily all technological applications evolve, and so the concept of the Apollo decounter has also evolved. Now, our Bi systems allows a more secure and efficient transmission of information, and the new Mifare 12.56 Mhz supports allow lower costs even on consumables such as the "single-use"cards.


Power supply 220 VAC @ 100 mA
Reader size (bxhxp) 40x20x60 mm
Power part size (bxhxp) 43x36x50 mm

Cards and Tags

A complete collection of cards and tag, Setup and Operator card, Stickers "single-use" for shipping.

USB Programmer

USB Programmer, Microsoft Windows System