Turn your masters into slaves and use only one payment system

It is more and more frequent the use of machines of different producers to make couplings of machines, both because some, for example, for the hot machine prefer one producer and for that one of the snacks they prefer another one, or also because they simply wants to reuse what you have in stock.

However, this implies that if the machines can not be connected natively in master / slave, you need to purchase a dedicated payment system for each machine.

With Exellion, there is no longer any need, as it is possible to choose only one of the machines on which to mount the payment system and share it with the other machines (up to three machines can be connected at the same time).

There are significant advantages, and not only economic ones, as we save the cost of two complete payment systems, such as a cash-desk and cashless system, but also practical.

By choosing a single machine that accepts payments, you can for example decide to use a security machine that contains the money and avoid having to reinforce the protection for the other two, this greatly reduces the risk of theft.

Furthermore, by choosing a configuration in Executive Price Holding, we can assign separate price ranges for each machine, having the data split from the main system, the division of sales by single machine.


Power 24 Vac +/- 10%
Box dimesion (bxhxp) 80 x 54 x 26 mm
Operating temperature -0 +50 (°C)
Absorbed power -Max 3W
Cables N. 1 Master+Slave of 100 cm

N. 2 Slave of 5000 cm